I’m Chris Backe (rhymes with hockey), and yes, those really are monkeys on my back from a temple in Thailand. Together with my wife, we’ve lived as digital nomads since 2013.

Over the last 30-plus years, I’ve been many things:

  • A Protestant
  • A Royal Ranger (kinda like a Christian Boy Scout)
  • A college student
  • A Business major
  • A swing dancer
  • A tenor in the college choir
  • A member of a barbershop quartet
  • A guy who worked any number of dead-end jobs
  • An expat teaching English in South Korea
  • An award-winning travel blogger
  • A professional photographer
  • A travel blogger
  • An author of dozens of books
  • A digital nomad

And so on. One funny thing about life is that life without reinvention is… kinda boring. As a result, I’ve aimed to do or try a lot of different things over my life — I’ve used the term ‘multipotentialite’ or ‘scanner’, as two terms created by authors. You can see some of my many current projects on the site — enjoy!